After installing R# Settings Manager it will add "Settings Manager" page to the Resharper "Options" dialog, under Tools tree node and "Load Settings File..." menu item in "Resharper" menu.

Settings Manager Options

Options Page.png

Available options:
  1. Settings Folder - a folder containing your settings files. Please note that this folder is not meant to contain the settings, shared among team members for a specific solution. It should be used for storing your personal settings, for back-up purposes for example. For settings sharing please use 'Settings sharing for current solution and scope' options.
  2. Available Settings - a list of settings files found in the settings folder.
  3. Update Button - updates the selected setting file with the current Resharper configuration. Please note that any changes made in the Resharper Options dialog might not get saved to a file, because they were not yet applied. You'll need to reopen the dialog to get those settings saved. Hint: you can modify a setting file in a text editor and remove some certain configuration sections. This will allow you to work only with a subset of settings, i.e. removed sections won't get loaded or updated any more. This might be useful if you want to create a setting file containing only Highlighting settings.
  4. Add Button - creates a new settings file.
  5. Remove Button - removes the selected settings file.
  6. Settings sharing for current solution and scope - enabled only if you have a solution loaded. When you share settings a settings file, containing current Resharper settings, gets created in a current solution folder and will be automatically loaded when you open the solution and updated when you close the solution.
    1. Not shared - disables settings sharing. It will remove all shared settings from the solution folder.
    2. Shared across team - creates "Shared.R#Settings" settings file in a current solution directory, containing current Resharper settings. This file will be loaded automatically for all solutions in the same directory.
    3. Shared across team, per solution - creates a settings file with the solution name in a current solution directory, containing current Resharper settings. This file will be loaded and updated automatically for the current solution only.

"Load Settings File..." menu item

Load Settings File Menu Item.png

You can assign a shortcut for this menu item in VS Tools\Options dialog as shown below.

Assigning Shortcut.png

Clicking on "Load Settings File..." menu item will display a "Select Settings File Dialog".

Select Settings File Dialog.png

In this dialog you can choose and load a specified settings file. Please note that those settings will be applied on the current Resharper configuration which will get saved automatically when you'll close the solution or Visual Studio.

Options button shows some settings file loading options.

Select Settings File Options Dialog.png

In this dialog you can specify whether to override shared solution settings. This actually applies only to Code Style settings. Resharper has several Code Style configurations - one is global (stored in user's configuration file), the other is shared per solution. Checking this option will update both Code Style configurations.

In the check-box list you can specify which configuration settings to load. This might be helpful if you need to update the specific configuration section from the chosen file.

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