Using settings for multiple projects/teams. Again.

Dec 20, 2011 at 3:33 AM

Hi there,

Sorry, looks like this was answered to some extent before, but I'm still unclear about how to use the tool.

What I need: Be able to share single set of R# settings between solutions and teams. We use TFS as a source control, so we have a lot of TFS Projects for different projects and teams. We want to make sure that R# settings are shared and that there is no need for constant copying of settings files - so I want the file to be in a central location that can be referenced by all solutions we have.

What I don't understand and would like to understand better:

1. Having different types of settings - Personal, Solution, Global. Why is that?
2. Why can't the tool just link to ANY location I specify? If I specify that my settings files are in "X:\SomeDir\Settings" then just look it up there. Why am I forced to store global settings file either with a solution or in it's path?
3. Shared settings are really hard to manage with source control if the file is located somewhere up the directory tree, since it's highly unlikely that anything up the tree will be under source control. E.g. - I've got folder D:\Projects that contains folders for each of the projects in TFS. So, placing the settings file in D:\Projects makes that file not eligible for source control (since D:\Projects is only a top level directory for all folders representing TFS projects), which is a problem.

So far I'm more confused by the tool than see how it can be properly used. I would really appreciate any explanaition to help me understand the tool and how to use it.