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Project Description
R# Settings Manager is a JetBrains ReShaper plug-in that adds an extended ReSharper settings management and sharing capabilities.

Why would you ever need this?
  1. You have to work on different projects with different code styles, so you have to be able to reconfigure ReSharper Inspection Severity (Highlighting) Options, Code Clean-Up options and etc. for each project individually.
  2. You need to be able to backup and restore your ReSharper settings.
  3. You need to share and enforce ReSharper Inspection Severity (Highlighting) Options across the team.

  1. Flexible settings sharing capabilities.
  2. Can load and save the following ReSharper settings:
    1. Inspection Severity (Highlighting)
    2. Code Annotations
    3. Code Clean-up
    4. Code Style
    5. To-do Items
    6. Agent Johnson plug-in settings
    7. Agent Smith plug-in settings
    8. Style Cop for R# plug-in settings
    9. Shared Solution Templates
  3. Allows to save the list of required R# plug-ins and their versions, including R# version. Validates plug-in version and availability each time your team member loads a solution and notifies him if any plug-ins or R# are outdated or not installer (disabled).
  4. Can enforce Code Analysis enabled, as well as Solution-Wide Code Analysis.
  5. Can create and use a list of custom ReSharper settings files.

If you have any feedback, please feel free to post in Discussions and Issue Tracker pages.

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